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Our Christmas Kittens

by Melissa on 08/28/12

Hi everyone.  Bella and Sadie are doing wonderful!  We can't wait to see our two next litters of Bengal kittens!  This will be the first time we have breed Bella to Lestat and I'm excited to see what the will look like.  Bella is my most glittered queen and she has the most beautiful big green eyes!  She is soooo affectionate.  She loves on my girls all day long.  Sadie, Bella's daughter is of coarse equally beautiful!  Thanks for checking in.  :)

Frosted Bengals

by Melissa on 06/18/12

We have our very first frosted Bengal kitten at Bella Bengala!!!  Yay!!!  What a little beauty she is too!  Sorry, but she is already spoken for and her forever home will be with Cindi in Louisiana.

A frosted Bengal looks very different than it's litter mates at birth.  They will be born with a coat that looks grey or silvery instead of creamy or golden.  At around 5-6 weeks of age the kitten will start to show the creamy/golden(brown spotted tabby) colors like the rest of the kittens. 

Once the kitten is out of it's fuzzy stage frosted kittens have proved to be incredibly clear coated, have lots more glitter than normal, and have the softest pelt ever!

We can't wait to see this little beauty mature!

Keep watching "Amy's" page to see more pictures to come of this beautiful frosted Bengal kitten.

Sadie's Bengal Kittens

by Melissa on 06/12/12

We only have two of Sadie's beautiful kittens left.  Alise is so pretty.  I'm really tempted to keep her as a breeder.  They are very fat little healthy kittens!  More pictures of these beautiful Bengal kittens were posted today.  They have so much glitter too!!!

Bengal kitten update

by Melissa on 06/04/12

Sadie's new kittens are doing wonderful!!!  Sadie and Lestat have proven to be a perfect match just like I thought!  These are not your average Bengal kittens... they are beyond gorgeous!  :)

New Bengal Babies!!!

by Melissa on 05/29/12

Sadie's new Bengal kittens are gorgeous!!!  We couldn't be more pleased!!!  She is such a good little mommy.  I only had to help out a little during delivery and I've only had to supplement feed the smallest one about twice a day for the first week.  The four bigger ones are such little piggys!!!  She had 1 boy and 4 girls.  I wish I had room to keep one because they would make great breeders just based on their amazing rosettes and contrast!  I can't believe my little baby Sadie that I raised as a kitten is now a mommy herself.  We LOVE you Sadie!!!

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