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The International Cat Association 
If this is your first time owning a Bengal or you would just like more information on Bengals I would highly recommend buying this book.  It was written by Gene Ducote owner of the infamous Gogee's Cattery.  She was a pioneer in isolating and perpetuating the "glitter" in Bengals, was instrumental in  the recognition of the Snow Leopard, Marble Bengal, & Silver Bengal for championship status, & much more!  

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing Gene's book! 
We are Proud Subscribers of
The International Bengal Cat Society 
Links to products we use, things we like, and good information on Bengal cats!
Don't declaw...accessorize!!!
(only $9.99 for 40 and they really work)

Bengals Illustrated 
The International Bengal Cat Connection
Wonderful magazine full of Bengal cat info and when you subscribe part of the proceeds goes to Bengal rescue!
Please be careful when researching online about cat health.  Many websites have incorrect information.  Pet WebMD seems the most accurate, but always talk to your vet.
I've had a lot of clients spend a ton of money at on small cat trees at pet stores.  This one is huge and only $149 with free shipping.  You can also get the smaller leopard print ones like this for $50-$80.
Click link below to see different sizes and prices on cat trees. 
Holistic Select is another great brand of food.  Click on link below for more info and list of ingredients.
One Fast Cat Exercise Wheel.  Bengal cats really really enjoy these!  Ours sometimes fight over who's turn it is to run on the wheel!  Here's a link to the newest 
one that sells for $199.  The other ones are $500.

Sssssscat automated cat deterrent.  Great product!!! If your cat is jumping on counters or going anywhere they shouldn't buy this product and it will put a stop to it.  $39
Toilet train you Bengal!!!  This really work!  Only $22 and so worth never scooping of buying expensive cat litter.
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Gene Ducote is now retired, but we still keep her banner on our site because she produced the most beautiful Bengals I've ever seen. :)

Beautiful Bengal kittens for sale in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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Animal Hearted has some of the BEST shirts for cat and dog lovers.  They are the funniest ones I've seen and they get new ones often.   Plus you can even have your pets face put on a shirt, hoodie, tank top, etc.  Click here to go their site and see or click here to see my blog about my favorite cat shits they have.  25% of the proceeds goes to helping cats, dogs, and other animals.