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Client Pictures
These are all pictures that our VERY happy clients have sent to us!
Michelle's baby girl Devlyn!!!! AKA Trouble!!!  I just love how she's all camo against the blanket!

"Eclipse" now named Bentley sent from his mom Kayla.  Here's another spoiled rotten boy!  Bentley is golden just like his daddy Beaux.  And he gets into a lot of mischief just like his daddy too!  He is Kayla's study buddy and BFF.  Kayla keeps us updated in Instagram pics which we love receiving!  What a handsome big boy he has become too!!!

Jingles and Noel.....now called Daisy and Scout.  Live with their mom Sharon and family in Texas.  They are brother and sister and best friends!  They also have three other kitty friends to play with there and they love to sleep on moms lap while she writes!

This is Twilight almost all grown up!  His mom Kelly named him Mizzica Belva which I just absolutely love!!!  It means "beautiful wild beast" in Italian.  Kelly said that this is Mizzica's favorite spot and he lays here every evening looking like a wild leopard laying on a tree branch.

Here's our little man "Leo" who is now named Safari.  LOVE this name!!!  He was one of my personal favorites.  A real sweetie!!!  This is him and his new mommy Javahn....and she spoils him ROTTEN!!!  They are both very fashionable too.  Javahn's outfits and home decor often match this leopard Bengal boy!  Safari enjoys napping with daddy in his spare time too!

Adrianna now lives with Cindy in Florida.  Lucky kitty!!! 
​She will be joining Cindy's breeding program at
 Bengale' Chateau and be a spoiled pet!  We can't wait to see her kittens!!!
Gisele and Heidi both went to live with Patricia.  She liked their names so much she decided not to change them.  They live in the country now and love it!  Both the girls have turned into gorgeous Bengals.  Gisele LOVES to play in the bathtub!
April, now called Jewels, lives with Laura and her husband and 6 cats and 6 dogs!!!  Her new best friends is an orange cat named Carrot!!!  Laura said Jewels actually loves it when she vacuums....she hops on and goes for a ride!!!

Miranda, now named Penny, lives with Chris and Laura now and this is the first cat Laura has been able to tolerate because she's highly allergic!  She gets soooo much attention at her new home.  Not only from mom and dad, but from all the piano students that come to their house to have lessons from Laura!  Did I mentions she LOVES to take a shower with Chris?!?

Amy is now called Gracie.  She lives with her family in Shreveport, LA.  Gracie is a very special and rare "frosted" Bengal cat.  She loves to play with her new Labrador friend Buddy.  She started playing fetch her first week at her new home!  Cindi said she loves to get under the covers and sleep in their bed with them and shes and blessing to have in their life!  Click here for more info and pics of our "frosted" bengal kitten!

Bentley....is now named Sherlock Pancake!!!!  Yep....that's his name!!!  He adores Lincoln and Peta and follows them EVERYWHERE  they go!  He's a very personable cat and his new family absolutely loves him!

Anna is only 5 months old in these pictures and you can already see what a beautiful girl she is becoming!  She's got a wonderful flowing pattern.  She loves to play play play and she fits in perfect with Mindy's adorable playful daughters!

Beautiful Bengal kittens for sale in New Orleans, Louisiana.
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BINX(bacchus) is just looooving his new home with Nick, Miranda, Madelyn, and Dane!  He is one lucky kitty to have been adopted by this family!  They had a room full of toys and a cat tree for him before he even got home!  This little boy is so sweet and full of energy.  His pattern is so beautiful and I can't wait to see how he looks as an adult!  
Zulu is such a lucky kitty!  Look at this amazing view of the French Quarter he gets to enjoy everyday!  And how appropriate that his name is Zulu and he lives in the French Quarter?!?  Ashley we can't thank you enough for being such a great mom to this big boy!