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Sierra Gold Bella's Got Sparkle of Belle Ami   "Bella"
This beautiful honey colored Bengal girl came to us from Sierra Gold.  We call her "Bella." She has the most beautiful colored green eyes and nice puffy whisker pads.  Her arrow head rosettes look like they were painted on and she has great contrast.  This little darling is very, very, very highly glittered!!!  Everyone who sees her is amazed at how she sparkles.  We are very proud to say that our Bella also has a  "whited tummy," a rare and highly sought after Bengal trait mimicking the Asian Leopard.  With a personality to match she is an amazing girl!  We love her so much!
Belle Ami Sadie's Got Shimmer   "Sadie"
Gogees Dark Angel of Belle Ami   "Angel"
This beautiful Bengal girl is the daughter of our very own Bella and Beaux.  She was so amazing looking the very first day she was born.  I knew almost right away I would be keeping her for our breeding program. Her pattern flows so precisely.  All the rosettes have dark outlines and show beautifully on her creamy background.  She has some of the BIGGEST nocturnal looking eyes I've ever seen!  Small dainty little ears too.  She is my little shadow and she shares my pillow with me every night.  She loves to give head butts and plays peek a boo with my children.  She loves to go for rides in their shopping cart too!  Go to our Bengal Videos page and scroll to the bottom to see videos of her playing with my girls.
We were sooooo lucky to get this absolutely gorgeous Bengal girl from Mrs. Gene before she and her husband retired Gogees cattery in 2011.  She has a beautiful flowing pattern, HUGE pancake rosettes, nice profile, lovely expression, and so much glitter!  Her pattern is considered "sparble" which means spots that flow in a marbled pattern.  It's not a very common trait as of yet, but we hope to produce kittens just like her!  Her mom is Gogees Avant Garde well known for her beautiful sparble spots.  Her Sire is the infamous Legacie Major Impact of Gogees!!!  Her coat feels like silk and she is as sweet as can be.  She has a beautiful wild face with golden eyes and her kittens are gorgeous!

Belle Ami Southern Belle   "Isabelle"
This is one of our newest Bengal girls Isabelle.  She has the sweetest temperament.  Very laid back compared to some of my more energetic Bengal cats.  She has HUGE doughnut rosettes on a very creamy background that flow over her body just beautifully.  Her profile is excellent and she has a nice chin too.  Lovely puffy whisker pads and nicely placed round ears.  Her background color just keeps getting lighter and lighter as her rosettes get bigger and darker!   She likes to play chase with my girls, loves to snuggle, and she doesn't really "meow" instead she makes a very low sounding squeak when she talks to us.  I call her "squeaky" because of it.  She a joy to have!
Belle Ami Abigail   "Abby"
This is our beautiful girl Abby.  Abby has excellent contrast and nice big rosettes in a beautiful horizontal flowing pattern!  No rib bars either!  She has such a gorgeous wild face with extremely puffy whisker pads and great profile.  Nice wide set ears and amazing gold eyes.  A very very glittered girl too! Abby has a wonderful sweet temperament.  She is very smart and can do the following tricks: sit, shake, high five, lay down, roll over, and sit up on command.  She absolutely loves to have her tummy rubbed and she lets my girls tote her around like a doll.  This little girl stole my heart and I will be keeping her forever!

Beautiful Bengal kittens for sale in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
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Our beautiful girls...
Belle Ami Fleur De Lis   "Lilly"
This baby girl is so lovely already.  She is named after the famous Fleur De Lis that's seen throughout Louisiana.  Her expression stole my heart and I just had to keep her.  She is going to have big nocturnal eyes just like her mom and she has amazing contrast.  Her rosettes are large with very black outlining too.  I love her ear set and she has a really great profile with very puffy whisker pads.  She will make a wonderful addition to our program and I can't wait to see what beautiful babies she will produce.
Our retired girls...
Belle Ami Vanilla Sky  "Sky"
This little cutie was chosen for our program for her extreme butter cream background color.  I really love the light background on Bengals with the inky black rosettes.  It really shows off the spots.  She has an adorable expression and nice puffy whisker pads.  A nice short thick tail too.  Sky is one big ball of energy!  She runs on the cat wheel constantly!  She is soooooo needy for attention too.  She can never get enough!  Paired with any of our boys we know her babies will be gorgeous!
Belle Ami Endymion  "Emma"
This beautiful girl is my favorite kittens I have produced so far.  She is named after my favorite Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, Krewe of Endymion.  I just love her huge pancake rosettes on her butter cream background.  She has such a lovely face and beautiful full whisker pads.  Her profile is nice, ears are nice, tail is nice.... I really think she's got it all!  She also has a very nice frame structure for a girl, nice and solid.  I can't wait to take her to some shows this fall.  She's a professional biscuit maker and she just loves to lick on toes!  My girls find it so amusing and just adore her!
Belle Ami Vieux Carre  "Rainy"
This is another one of Sadie's beautiful babies.  She is named after the historic French Quarter in New Orleans.  "Vieux Carre" means "old square" which is what the French Quarter used to be referred to as.  I really love her coloring.  She has a very pretty face and a nice long muzzle.  I'm such a sucker for a beautiful face and hers reminds me so much of Abby's, it's just beautiful! Another very solid girl with nice length of body.  Her pattern has a nice flow, good contrast, and dark outlined rosettes.  This baby girl is spunky and full energy and lots of love.  She will make a perfect addition to our breeding program.  
(Retiring Soon)