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Sierra Gold Beaux of Belle Ami   "Beaux"
Gogees Prince Lestat of Belle Ami   "Lestat"
Beaux came to us from Sierra Gold he is a beautiful boy with large doughnut rosettes and wonderful type.  This Bengal boy has an extreme shine to his pelt as you can see in his older pictures.  His extra glossy pelt is velvety smooth and a beautiful golden color.  He also has very small ears that are set nice and wide.  His sire is Sierra Golds' "It's Vegas Baby" who won Supreme Grand Champion in 2010.   We named him Beaux Rivage after the Beaux Rivage Casino in Louisiana and as a play off of his dad's name.  He has lots of personality and is the smartest Bengal cat I've ever owned.  In his spare time he enjoys turning on and off light switches and opening cabinets to steal sippy cups!  He has produced amazing kittens for us!
Lestat is the sweetest Bengal boy ever!!!  He LOVES to play fetch and will do it till he wears you out!  Such a snuggle bunny and he will head butt you until he gets the attention he deserves.  He has very high contrast and his spots are outlined in the blackest black I've ever seen.  So much acreage between them and such unusual shape.  My favorite thing about him is his face.  So sweet and loving, but wild looking at the same time.  He has that wild walk to match.  His Sire is another very well know and gorgeous Gogees Bengal, Sundaze Child.  Lestat's kittens are spectacular!!!  Thanks soooo much to Gene from Gogees for such a beautiful boy.
Our handsome boys...

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Wild Beach Twilight of Belle Ami  "Twilight"
We are STRICTLY a closed cattery and DO NOT OFFER STUD SERVICES.
Twilight is such an amazing boy!  He is everything I was looking for in a new stud.  He has outstanding contrast with his super light cream background and jet black bold rosettes.  He has an extremely thick short tail that's just to die for.  His rosettes are very large with lots of acreage and chaining going down his back.  I love, love, love his handsome face and puffy whisker pads.  Oh and I must not forget to mention he has the softest, plushest pelt I've ever touched!  A special thanks to my friend Melissa Brusie for such a perfect boy.  He's sweet as can be and my girls adore him!
Retired boys...
Belle Ami Gumbo 
Gumbo was born here at Belle Ami.  He has such a beautiful face and perfect ears.  He's considered a "cool brown" Bengal and I thought he would make such a great addition to our breeding studs.  Now we will have a wide range of different colored brown Bengal kittens.  I just love his masculine structure and wild walk.  He is such a sweet boy.  He loves to cuddle and headbutts me the minute he sees me.  He's very sweet to all his girlfriends too.  He's covered in glitter and he has a really cool sparble pattern with black outlined rosettes. 
(Gumbo's page coming soon)