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Contact Belle Ami Bengals

For bengal kitten inquiries please use contact form below

Emails might not be answered on the weekend(unless you are picking up a kitten). Sorry, but I have to have a break & focus on my family for a few days a week. During the week I respond as fast as possible. Please understand I have children and between them & the cats I stay very busy. 


Phone calls are welcome between 9am - 8pm. My phone number is not on my website because I will get text msgs non stop. I will provide my number via email for PHONE CALLS ONLY. ABSOLUTELY NO TEXT MESSAGING ABOUT KITTENS. Thank you! 

Contact Us

We can ship our bengal kittens anywhere in the United States!

Ask us about our available shipping options for our bengal kittens! You don't have to drive far or live nearby to own one of our beautiful bengal babies! 

ATTENTION: There's been a noticeable increase in the number of people falling victim to scammers lately. The scammers are getting smarter and even going to the extent of creating websites with stolen pics. PLEASE read our page on how to avoid bengal kittens scams before you send anyone any money for a kitten or deposit.

Our Bengal Cattery is located in Kenner, Louisiana which is right outside of  New Orleans.

If you have any questions about our Bengal kittens or how to purchase a kitten please contact us. We hope we can help you find the little "living room leopard" of your dreams!

Belle Ami is a closed cattery. WE DO NOT OFFER STUD SERVICES at all because other cats can possibly bring in illness. We do not sell breeders in the state of Louisiana.

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