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Information about our newly arrived litters of bengal kittens that aren't on the available kittens page yet.
Updated on 1-19-23

See our Available Kittens page to see kittens ready to leave now or very soon! See our Expecting Queens page to see which mamas will have babies soon!

If you would like to get on our waitlist for one of these beautiful bengal babies please contact us. Our list fills up fast depending on the time of year and how many litters we've recently had. Pictures are taken at about 3 - 4 weeks old and then our clients on the waitlist will have the opportunity to choose kittens first.  

We have beautiful bengal kittens year round!!! 

Dreamy & Matrix


Dreamy had 5 beautiful babies born on Christmas Day! Three browns and two snows. 

Birthday: December 25, 2022

Aspen & Matrix

snow bengal kittens for sale aspen.jpg

Aspen has delivered 6 beautiful babies for us! She had 3 browns and 3 snows! Video will be posted when they are about 2 weeks old since she is one of our extra protective moms.  

Birthday: January 7, 2023

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