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Currently we are not showing any of our cats because of the demanding schedule of our two older girls, our baby, and difficulty in being able to travel with everything going on. We are hoping that some shows in our area will be scheduled soon and if so we will be bringing Floki, Ragnar, and Matrix to those! 

Voodoo Cats New Orleans

Abby and Isabelle attended Voodoo Cats and New Orleans and both did amazing!!! 


Abby placed as 5th and 9th Best Kitten and Isabelle placed as 5th 7th and 9th Best Kitten in the finals!!!  They also both placed 1st multiple times in their Best of Breed.

Mississippi Cat Fanciers Show

Belle Ami Abigail "Abby"  pictured below at her first show.  She did so well!  She got 9th "Best Kitten" in the ALL Breed Finals in Robby Whyte's ring!  She also placed 1st twice, 2nd six times, and 3rd twice in "best of breed/color" in the 10 rings she was in. 

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