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Bengal Kittens for Sale in Louisiana

golden brown bengal kittens for sale

Information About Our Bengal Kittens

Breeding extremely high quality gorgeous bengal kittens for sale from champion bloodlines in Louisiana. We have Brown and Snow spotted TICA registered bengal kittens available to loving families. Our bengal kittens are covered in "glitter". We are well known for having kittens with amazing dispositions. With special focus on our kittens having wild looking faces with extra puffy whisker pads, small ears, large rosettes on a high contrast clear coat, and having extremely glittered coats. Our kittens are raised inside our home with our children and are completely socialized from being constantly played with. We have a five year health guarantee because we are confident in the health of our bengal kittens. If you are looking for a beautiful bengal kitten to buy with lots of purrr-sonality then look no further because that is our speciality! Providing families with perfect "living room leopards" for over 14 years. We absolutely adore and love these bengal cats and they are part of our family. Use this link bengal cat breeder to learn more about our bengal cattery and how we raise our bengal kittens. We would love the opportunity to help you find the bengal kitten of your dreams!

Shipping available for our bengal kittens to anywhere in the United States!


mickey loomis bengal cat

We are absolutely obsessed with our sweet girl Smokey. Our twins had been asking for a cat for a long time but we couldn't have one due to our sons allergies. I heard bengals were hypoallergenic and they absolutely are. Smokey will even sleep in bed with our son and he doesn't have a reaction. She's a wonderful cat and incredibly smart too! 

— Melanie & Mickey Loomis

most beautiful bengal cat

Nola.  What can I say about her.  She’s sweet, funny, talkative, which makes her a great tour guide, caring, she knows how to cheer me up, we love running errands, taking long walks - a best friend.  Oh, and she’s a cat.  Yep, you read that right - a cat.  And, she is a bengal cat.  (Gasp).  If you are like me you are saying “I’ve heard of these…always wanted one.”   I’m telling you - Get one.  Belle Ami Bengals is the breeder to talk to.  Melissa’s kitties are socialized from a very young age and they are the sweetest cats.  Nola is always by my side, she sleeps with me and knows when someone in the house is having a bad day.  She is alway there to give you a head bump or a meow to tell you it’s going to be ok.  She does tours with me, goes to art and craft shows with me and she puts a smile on everyone’s face!  I am stopped all the time for people to take pictures of her and pet her.  And believe me - she loves the attention - bengals are divas!

— Charmain Rich

Stunning brown and snow bengal kittens available for adoption in New Orleans, Louisiana.

high quality snow bengal kittens for sale united states
bengal kittens for sale in new orleans louisiana

Reasons Why Bengal Cats Make Wonderful Pets

  • Bengal cats have amazingly sweet and outgoing personalities.

  • Bengal cats interact with people more like a dog than a cat.

  • Bengal cats have gorgeous pattens and sparkle with glitter when the light hits them. 

  • Bengal cats love water and will sometimes play in it or even go for a swim. 

  • Bengal cats are loyal companions and great snugglers. 

  • Bengal cats are extremely smart and can learn tricks and to walk on a leash. 

  • Bengal cats are very low shedding and hypoallergenic. 

  • Bengal cats are generally a healthy bred of cat and live 15-18 years.

What our kittens come with-

  • Our kittens always come with their first two sets of shots. If old enough, they will have had their 3rd set of kitten shots. 

  • A FIVE year health guarantee. 

  • Kittens will be spayed/neutered before they leave, saving you hundreds in vet bills.

  • Kittens are microchipped before they leave our home. All you have to do is register the chip. 

  • Queens & Studs are health screened for HCM and DNA tested negative for PRA, PkDef, FeLV, & FIV. They are also DNA tested for 50 other rare genetic disorders, and tested negative for all parasites.

  • Kittens will receive a complete health evaluation by our vet.

  • Kittens will receive a complete fecal testing by our vet. 

  • One month of free pet insurance. 

  • One month of flea prevention.

  • TICA registration papers.

  • Kittens are wormed 4-6 times before they leave.

  • Kittens are completely litter box trained.

  • Kittens are accustomed to using a scratching post.

  • Extremely detailed bengal kitten care information packet.

  • Leopard boutique style gift bag with lots of toys, coupons, samples, and more information.

  • Their own "mommy and me" blanket that smells like their mom and will comfort them at their new home.

  • Lifetime help and support for any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Bengal kitten contract with health guarantee. 

  • Complete health records with recommended shot schedule.  

  • Guaranteed socialized.

melissa info

Passionately breeding gorgeous bengal kittens for over 14 years.

 Contact us today about our available bengal kittens.

New Orleans, Louisiana United States

Specializing in breeding brown spotted (rosetted) Bengal kittens and snow spotted (rosetted) Bengal

kittens with glitter in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Let Our Leopard Kittens Steal Your Heart...

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