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Information about our beautiful queens that we have confirmed are pregnant and will have babies soon. 
Updated 3-31-23

See our Available Kittens page to see kittens ready to leave now or very soon!
See our New Kittens Just Born page for info on our newest bengal kittens recently born!

If you would like to get on our waitlist for one of these beautiful bengal babies please contact us. Our list fills up fast depending on the time of year and how many litters we've recently had. 

We have beautiful bengal kittens year round!!! 

Lucy & Matrix


Estimated due date April 20th. 

Lucy will have all brown rosetted kittens.

Marley & Floki


Expected due date on or around May 5th.

Marley will have brown and snow colored kittens.

Praline & Ragnar

bengal kitten 39.jpg

Expected due date on or around May 12th.

Praline is a beautiful marble bengal but all of her kittens will be brown rosetted.

We use marble to make gorgeous cloud rosettes and extra soft pelts. 

Below is a list of Queens and Studs we will *likely* be pairing together this year. Lots of things are considered when pairing the parents including when the girls go into heat and what colors and patterns we want them to produce. Also relationship to one another is a huge factor. We definitely don't want to be breeding daughters to fathers and nieces to uncles! LOL! So your favorite two adults may not be the best match for each other. Feel free to email us with any questions. Thanks! 

  • Ragnar X Sushi

  • Matrix X Dreamy

  • Floki X Marley

  • Matrix X Chocolate

  • Ragnar X Aspen

  • Floki X Angelee

  • Floki X Snowy

  • Floki X Katie

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