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Bengal Cat Personality

bengal kitten being held like a baby

Bengal cats are one of the most popular cat breed for lots of good reasons!

Bengal Cats Are Extremely Smart-

​Bengals are extremely intelligent cats who form strong bonds with their owners. They love to interact with their humans and are always found at the center of any family activity. If you are looking for a cat that wants to be part of the family then a bengal is the perfect cat for you!

There are a lot of misconceptions about bengal cats written all over the internet. Seems like one of the problems is bloggers will research and find these untrue articles online and then write new content saying the same thing. I have seen so many sites stating completely untrue facts about bengal cats. I can tell you this, I'm the type of person who really values the items in my house and I would absolutely not have these cats running around if they were naughty or destructive.


I think the other problem is the "Carole Baskins" of the world and other similar organizations like to talk bad about bengals because they hate the fact that they are a hybrid breed. They don't think anyone should be able to have hybrids as pets. 

Bengal Cats Are Especially Active When They Are Young-

The Bengal's activity level is high, even more so as kittens. However, they do calm do tremendously after turning one year old. They love to play, run, and leap. They are great climbers and jumpers and very much appreciate a store bought or home made "cat tree" play center to climb on. This is not only fun for them but will provide you with hours of entertainment as well! They could at times be described as mischievous. Bengals are not a cat to be ignored. They sometimes demand a lot of attention, but they will always keep you entertained with their antics. 

Bengal Cats Are Very Affectionate-

They are are extremely affectionate, often described as having a "dog like" personality. They are easily trained because of their high intelligence level. Bengals can be trained to do any trick that a dog can do! It's not difficult to train them to walk on a leash and many owners take them out on a leash for walks. Most Bengals will fetch without any training at all.  

Bengal Cats Love Water-

Many bengals cats love water and love to play in it or with it. They may scoop their water dishes with their paws, play in puddles, paw at a running sink, or follow their owners into the shower or bath tub!

  • Bengals cats will often enjoy swimming

Bengals love water so much that sometimes they will even hop in the pool or bathtub. I'm contantly receiving pictures and videos from my client's and their bengal cat is in the bathtub with the kids or floating around on a pool raft. 

  • Fresh drinking water is a must have for bengal cats

Bengals cats need very fresh water and if you don't supply it they will find it. For that reason we always tell our clients to keep the toilet lid closed and don't use any bleach tablets just in case. We also encourage everyone to get a small water drinking fountain for their bengal cat. If you don't mind, they will gladly drink out a running facet too. Everytine my kids brush their teeth there's a bengal cat right there waiting for a fresh drink of water. 

Bengal Cats Are Wonderful With Dogs And Children-

Bengals make fun, affectionate, wonderful pets and are great with children. Bengals also get long really well with dogs of all sizes. Bengals and dogs will play, snuggle, and become best friends after proper introduction. My girls would put our cat Bella in a tiny shopping cart just days after we got her and push her around the living room and she would stay in the cart for up to thirty minutes before she jumped out for a break! Then she would get put right back in and they would start pushing her around again. She absolutely enjoyed it! I'd never seen a cat literally "play" with my girls!

Bengal Cat Temperament

​After three generations from the original crossing, the breed acquires a gentle domestic cat temperament. However, for the typical pet owner, a Bengal cat kept as a pet should be at least four generations (F4) removed from the Leopard Cat. The so-called "foundation cats" from the first three filial generations of breeding (F1–F3) are usually reserved for breeding purposes or the specialty pet home environment. It's very irresponsible for breeders to sell F1-F4 Bengals without warning the buyers that these cats are for *experienced* cat owners and can potentially have bad litter box habits. For more info on foundation Bengals click this link: Foundation Bengal Info

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