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Testimonials From Our Clients

We love hearing how happy our kittens are making their new famlies!

There's so many clients on our Facebook page saying how wonderful our kittens our. I've also put together a page called Testimonials from Social Media where you can see screen shots of what people are saying about their bengal cats from us. You can also look at the comments under this post on Facebook where I asked for testimonials from anyone who has a kitten from us. 

bengal digging in meow box

We are absolutely obsessed with our sweet girl Smokey. Our twins had been asking for a cat for a long time but we couldn't have one due to our sons allergies. I heard bengals were hypoallergenic and they absolutely are. Smokey will even sleep in bed with our son and he doesn't have a reaction. She's a wonderful cat and incredibly smart too! 

— Melanie & Mickey Loomis

one of the most beautiful bengal cats ever

Nola.  What can I say about her.  She’s sweet, funny, talkative, which makes her a great tour guide, caring, she knows how to cheer me up, we love running errands, taking long walks - a best friend.  Oh, and she’s a cat.  Yep, you read that right - a cat.  And, she is a bengal cat.  (Gasp).  If you are like me you are saying “I’ve heard of these…always wanted one.”   I’m telling you - Get one.  Belle Ami Bengals is the breeder to talk to.  Melissa’s kitties are socialized from a very young age and they are the sweetest cats.  Nola is always by my side, she sleeps with me and knows when someone in the house is having a bad day.  She is alway there to give you a head bump or a meow to tell you it’s going to be ok.  She does tours with me, goes to art and craft shows with me and she puts a smile on everyone’s face!  I am stopped all the time for people to take pictures of her and pet her.  And believe me - she loves the attention - bengals are divas!

— Charmain Rich

gorgeous seal mink bengal cat

We fell in love with bengal cats after my boys took care of a neighbor’s bengals while they were out of town. I found Belle Ami Bengals and got on the waiting list. Melissa was very informative and helpful throughout the whole process.  A snow mink was available that we just loved but really wanted a traditional bengal. SO we decided to get both. Melissa was great to work with and we felt very confident in the quality and health of the kittens.  They are so beautiful and full of their own personalities. Such a wonderful addition to our family. Now my daughter who is graduating from college asked for one for her graduation gift! 

— Robin McNair

two bengal cats sitting in the sun.

I had the most wonderful experience dealing with Belle Ami Bengals. Knowledgeable, kind and patient with all my questions. The cats are beautiful, healthy and definitely fun to live with. We are looking forward to adding a 3rd bengal to our family. Highly recommend!

— Katherine Hunt

bengal cat in car

Zara was worth waiting for. Her personality is as unique as her beautiful coat. My experience with this breeder was fantastic. Resources and answered questions regarding the breed were provided without any frustration or unpleasantness. Highly recommend. We love our Bengal very much

— The Rose Family

bengal cat wearing harness

We’ve only had our Bengal baby, Atikus for several months, but we are so glad he came from Belle Ami Bengals. Melissa was great! She kindly answered any and all questions and provided a ton of information to us prior to pickup day. Even now, when I have questions, she is quick to respond and assist me as best she can. I highly recommend looking no further than this breeder. We plan on adding another Bengal to our family in a year or so and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else.

— Brandy Romero


I have three bengals from Belle Ami Bengals, Duke, Love, & Elsa. Melissa is absolutely fantastic and so knowledgeable about this breed. I first looked into bengal cats because two people in my household are allergic to cats, but we still wanted a cat. They have no allergy symptoms with bengals. All of my babies are so sweet and playful and they love each other so much. They bring so much joy to our lives. I will never have another type of cat, nor will I only have one!! Thank you, Melissa, for doing what you do!!

— Megan Quinn


Love our two girls, Nala and Willow. Melissa is great to work with and her cats are truly the best. Each is well socialized and adapt to their new home quickly. We are adding a third to our family, a boy. Each cat has a unique personality that's makes them extra special.

— Schelia Davis

Our sweet girl Lacumba. She’s a year and a half old now. She very loving, cuddly, and adventurous. She gets alone well with her two Great Dane sisters. She loves snuggling with the girls. She is a wonderful addition to our family.

— Monie Tomas



I couldn’t be anymore thankful for our sweet girl Meeka. She is a very curious girl who enjoys being around the family at all times. Her absolute favorite thing to do is go for a ride around the neighborhood. Thank you so much Melissa for our sweet girl! 

— Alexis Marchione


Awesome experience with Belle Ami Bengals! Melissa is very nice and patient. Hendrix will be 4 in a couple months. He is so much fun! He’s a sweet boy……loves his momma and gives her kisses when asked. Hendrix is so smart and obsessed with water. Not only does he love to take baths he also loves to drink plenty water. Hendrix is a joy in our life!

— Jennifer Becnel


Cannot thank Belle Ami Bengals enough for our fabulous charmer Links! He’s such an absolute sweetheart, and best little sib to our Siberian Forest Cat and Golden Retriever pup. Working with Belle Ami was incredibly organized and we are grateful to have found you!

— Paulette Mendler

If you want to go waaaaaay back here's some of our first testimonials. LOL! 

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