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Bengal Cat "Nola" Helps Give
Haunted History Tours in New Orleans

Nola is one special girl! But so are all our other kitties! If you want your bengal cat to go on adventures with you, leash train them at a young age, and start taking them out. They LOVE it! 

When Nola's mom told me her plans to take her kitty to work with her guiding tours I knew she would be perfect for the job. Bengals are very very outgoing cats when socialized properly at a young age. They also love exploring. 

Nola gets so much attention on the tours and bengals love attention and love interacting with people. She will even show up for some tours wearing an adorable little costume! 

I'm so happy to see this amazing girl living such a great life with her new family. 

Written by Nola's mom Charmaine

Nola.  What can I say about her.  She’s sweet, funny, talkative, which makes her a great tour guide, caring, she knows how to cheer me up, we love running errands, taking long walks - a best friend.  Oh, and she’s a cat.  Yep, you read that right - a cat.  And, she is a bengal cat.  (Gasp).  If you are like me you are saying “I’ve heard of these…always wanted one.”   I’m telling you - Get one.  Belle Ami Bengals is the breeder to talk to.  Melissa’s kitties are socialized from a very young age and they are the sweetest cats.  Nola is always by my side, she sleeps with me and knows when someone in the house is having a bad day.  She is alway there to give you a head bump or a meow to tell you it’s going to be ok.  She does tours with me, goes to art and craft shows with me and she puts a smile on everyone’s face!  I am stopped all the time for people to take pictures of her and pet her.  And believe me - she loves the attention - bengals are divas!  The first time I took her to a meeting my boss said “what is that???   I have never seen anything like this - beautiful!”   All Nola had to do was look at him with those sweet eyes…She always puts a smile on anyone’s face who sees her - and she is always remembered.  People who meet her at art and craft shows see me and remember me because of Nola.  They ask where she is, how she is doing…. In today’s world where it seems we have more bad news than good, a kitty is all we need to have a good day. 

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