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Ragdoll Kittens For Sale In Louisiana

Everything you need to know about our ragdoll cattery....

Welcome to Belle Ami Ragdolls:
Breeding Gorgeous Ragdoll Kittens in Louisiana

If you are searching for a healthy, social, gorgeous ragdoll kitten for sale in Louisiana then you have come to the right place! Our ragdoll cattery is located in New Orleans but we can ship our kittens with our trusted flight nanny anywhere in the USA. 

We have a VERY small ragdoll breeding program. When I say small..... we have two.... yes, just two ragdoll queens.Their names are Stormi and Cloudy. They are two of the most amazing cats I've ever had the privilege of spoiling. We also we have our big stunning ragdoll CFA Champion king Bear.  However, we co-breed with my sister Jennifer, owner or Bayou ragdolls. She has many ragdoll queens and has kittens year round.


I have been breeding bengal cats for 15 years. My daughter's were begging for ragdoll kittens and I had ALWAYS wanted one myself. I wasn't sure if my allergies would be able to handle them but I decided to just go for it! To my amazement, I do not react to the ragdolls! (You should see how much allergy medicine I have to take at the cat shows!)  I decided to start a very small ragdoll breeding program along with my bengals that we breed. I just really love what I do and the idea of having little fluffy white kittens that are so much different from Bengals, yet equally as amazing was too hard for me to resist. Those crystal blue eyes get me every time! 


We have been to multiple cat shows with our ragdolls and it's so much fun! The girls love grooming the ragdoll cats and getting them prepped for their turn in the show ring. 


Rather than make an entire new website for just two ragdoll queens, I'll post any available ragdoll kittens we have here and on my sisters website. 

If you follow any of our social media accounts you've probably seen Cloudy & Stormi. They LOVE bengal kittens and they are constantly "photo bombing" our bengal kitten videos. LOL! 

For more information about the ragdoll kittens you can email us from our contact page OR if we don't currently have any kittens you can visit my sisters website and see info and availability of her beautiful ragdoll kittens for sale. We really adore these fluffy, beautiful, affection ragdoll kittens and we are so lucky to be able to snuggle and play with them before they go home to their forever families.

To see more adorable pictures and videos Belle Ami Ragdoll's kittens visit our Instagram page here BELLE AMI RAGDOLLS INSTAGRAM

and to see pictures and videos of my sisters Bayou Ragdoll kittens you can see them here


girl holding gorgeous ragdoll kittens
Melissa and Jennifer at Houston cat show.JPG

Exceptional Quality Ragdoll Kittens for Sale in Louisiana

When you choose a ragdoll kitten from Belle Ami Ragdolls, you're welcoming home more than just a pet. You're bringing home a truly loving companion, snuggle buddy, best friend, and a furry bundle of joy to keep you constantly smiling and entertained. Our ragdoll kittens are exceptional quality, nurtured with love, played will all the time, and possess the finest traits adhering to the breed standard.

Why Choose Belle Ami Ragdolls?

1. Exceptional Quality and Care

Our ragdoll kittens are bred to meet and exceed the highest standards. Our kittens come from the best bloodlines and have exceptional pedigrees with multiple Champions, Grand Champions, and even International Winners in their pedigrees. They showcase the best traits of the breed, ensuring you welcome a healthy, well-cared-for, and beloved companion into your home.

2. Kitten Health and Wellness

We really care about the health of our kittens. All of our kittens will have their first two sets of shots, a three year health guarantee, and be microchipped. Additionally, they are spayed/neutered before leaving our cattery, saving you valuable time and money on vet bills. You'll also receive a month of free pet insurance, flea prevention, TICA or CFA registration papers, and a detailed care information packet. Our kittens are wormed, litter box trained, and introduced to scratching posts.

3. Genetic Testing

We prioritize the health and wellness of the kittens we produce. Our queens and studs are screened for HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) and DNA tested for various genetic disorders. They are also tested for Feline Leukemia (FeLV), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), and other common parasites.

4. Kitten Support and Guidance

We always provide ongoing support to our kitten owners. We provide life time support for any questions you may have regarding your ragdoll kitten. We want you feel confident that you chose the right breeder and you can reach out to us anytime. 

5. Shipping Options and Easy Adoption Process

While we are located in Louisiana, we offer shipping options to anywhere in the continental USA and Alaska. Whether you prefer to use our trusted flight nanny, a professional pet transportation, or New Orleans airport pickup, we ensure your ragdoll kitten is well taken care of until they are safely in your arms. 

Why Ragdoll Cats Make Perfect Pets

  • Sweet and outgoing personalities

  • Loyal companions and great snugglers

  • Intelligent and easily trainable

  • Gorgeous coats and low maintenance

  • Get along well with other pets and children

  • They are calm and less mischievous 

Contact Belle Ami Ragdolls Today for Your Dream Ragdoll Kitten in Louisiana

At Belle Ami Ragdolls, we're passionate about matching families with the perfect ragdoll kitten. Our testimonials speak volumes about the joy our kittens bring to their new homes. If you're ready to welcome a fluffy, floppy companion into your life, contact us today. We're here to help you find the ragdoll kitten of your dreams!

ragdoll cat snuggling with bengal cats
ragdoll cat in crib with baby

Belle Ami Ragdolls - Where all you ragdoll kitten dreams come true....

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