Where did Bengals come from?

Bengal cats are Hybrid Cats, which is basically two different species of cats crossed together.  The Bengal Cat was created by crossing the wild Asian Leopard Cat and the domestic cat together. Many breeders used an Egyptian Mau rather than a domestic cat because of it's bone structure which closer resembles the Asian Leopard. Bengals that are four generations and beyond the original crossing of these two cats are considered completely domestic and very suitable as pets.  See our Bengal History page for more info on how Bengals originated.

How did the Bengal get it's name?

The first ALCs were discovered near the Bay of Bengal in India. Therefore, these cats were given the scientific name of "Felis Bengalensis" or (P. b. bengalensis).  The name for the domestic breed, "Bengal" was derived from the taxonomic name of the Asian leopard cat "Bengalensis."  

How big do Bengals get?

Bengals are generally medium in size compared to other breeds of cats.  They are long and the males especially are very muscular.  Adult Bengal males usually weigh 12-17 lbs while females are around 6-12 lbs.

How long do Bengal cats live?

The life expectancy for a Bengal cat is 12-16 years. There are factors that affect this such as type of food you feed your cat, whether the cat is kept inside or outside, and if you have proper check ups and shots for you kitty. We recommend you feed a high quality cat food such as Earthborn Holistic, Wellness, or Blue Buffalo.  And of coarse, after the full sets of shots are given to your kitty, that you bring them for their yearly check up and booster shots.  This will insure that your leopard friend is happy, healthy, and lives a long full life.  

Asian Leopard Info

The Asian Leopard Cat (or ALC for short) is indigenous to the jungles and forests of India, China, and other parts of Asia. It is now known that there are about 10 different sub-species, that vary somewhat in size, length of coat, and coloring depending on the climate. Most of the Asian Leopards that we breed with domestics to get Bengals come from the Malaysia and Thailand area.