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Pictures of Bengal Cats Enjoying Water

Bengal Cats Love Water-

Many bengals cats love water and love to play in it or with it. They may scoop their water dishes with their paws, play in puddles, paw at a running sink, or follow their owners into the shower or bath tub!

  • Bengals cats will often go for a swim

Bengals love water so much that sometimes they will even hop in the pool or bathtub. I'm contantly receiving pictures and videos from my client's and their bengal cat is in the bathtub with the kids or floating around on a pool raft. 

  • Fresh drinking water is a must have for bengal cats

Bengals cats need very fresh water and if you don't supply it they will find it. For that reason we always tell our clients to keep the toilet lid closed and don't use any bleach tablets just in case. We also encourage everyone to get a small water drinking fountain for their bengal cat. If you don't mind, they will gladly drink out a running facet too. Everytine my kids brush their teeth there's a bengal cat right there waiting for a fresh drink of water. 

The pictures below are all bengal cats bred by us. Our amazing clients have provided us with these pictures of their bengal cat enjoying water. All bengals looooove to drink fresh water out the sink. The don't all get in the bathtub or shower but some of them absolutely love to!

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