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We have a VERY small ragdoll breeding program with my sister. When I say small..... we have two.... yes, just two ragdoll queens. LOL! However, we co-breed with my sister and she has many ragdoll queens and has kittens year round. We basically do everything the same when it comes to cat breeding and you'll even notice a lot of similarities about our websites. Rather than make an entire new website for just two ragdoll queens I'll post any available ragdoll kittens we have here and on my sisters website. 

Our gorgeous ragdoll boy Bear lives with my sister and you can find lots of pictures of him, Cloudy, and Stormi on her website. If you follow any of our social media accounts you've probably seen Cloudy & Stormi. They LOVE bengal kittens and they are constantly "photo bombing" our kitten videos. LOL! 

For more information about the ragdoll kittens you can email us from our contact page or visit my sisters website and see info and availability of the beautiful ragdoll kittens for sale

To see more adorable pictures and videos visit BAYOU RAGDOLLS INSTAGRAM here and


girl holding gorgeous ragdoll kittens
ragdoll cat snuggling with bengal cats
ragdoll cat in crib with baby
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