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Lots of information about bengals, cat nutrition, behavior, and breeders. 

Gene Ducote is now retired, but we still keep her banner on our site because she produced the most beautiful Bengals I've ever seen. We have written a page all about Gogees Bengal Cats if you would like to learn more. We were lucky enough to own two bengals from her, Angel and Lestat. Both are now retired but we have many many Gogees cats in our bloodlines. 

Great information on how CBD oil can benefit cats. 


Please be careful when researching online about cat health.  Many websites have incorrect information.  Pet WebMD seems the most accurate, but always talk to your vet.

Information about our adorable snow bengal kittens!!!

Cool Stuff for Pet Parents

Animal Hearted has shirts, apparel, and gifts for animal lovers. They have some of the funniest cat and dog shirts I've ever seen!  Every time I look there's new ones too.  I've already ordered a few for myself and one for my sister.  The company is very generous and 25% of the proceeds goes to helping dogs, cats, and other animals. You can also have your pets picture put right on a shirt! I'll likely be wearing one of their shirts when you pick up your kitty. :) 



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