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Belle Ami Uptown Girl

Charm is from our beautiful queen Marley and our stud Floki. This girl is so incredible!!! The contrast on her is outstanding. She's got huge eyes, nice small round ears, puffy whisker pads, a nice wide nose bridge with puffy pink nose leather. Her pattern is just gorgeous and it flows over her lean body like Picasso put it there himself! I'm SO glad I kept this girl for our breeding program. I was almost going to keep her name Reniseeme which was her temporary litter name. But I thought she needed a really unique New Orleans name... One of the famous and gorgeous neighborhoods in our city is referred to as "Uptown." Naming her "Uptown Girl" was just so perfect. She is such a charming sweetheart. So we call her "Charm" for short. This is one of those bengal cats that just non stop head butts you and makes biscuits. Charm has the most loving snuggly personality. She is the total package!

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