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Wild Beach Twilight of Belle Ami

Twilight is such an amazing boy! He is everything I was looking for in a new stud. He has outstanding contrast with his super light cream background and jet black bold rosettes. He has an extremely thick short tail that's just to die for. His rosettes are very large with lots of acreage and chaining going down his back. I love, love, love his handsome face and puffy whisker pads. Oh and I must not forget to mention he has the softest, plushest pelt I've ever touched!  He's sweet as can be and my girls adore him!

Twilight was in a music video for Ciel Rouge! Shot in New Orleans in spring 2014.  He was still just a baby when it was filmed, only 7 months old. He did a great job and had so much fun getting tons of attention from every one. Lots of Bengals were considered for the video and I'm so proud my beautiful boy was picked for the part.  They wanted an amazing looking Bengal and Twilight is one amazing looking boy!  Here's a couple pics from where it was filmed in New Orleans. Thanks so much Chris!

bengal cat in music video
bengal cat in new orleans
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