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Unique Prints Saint of Belle Ami

This is our beautiful boy Saint from Unique Prints Bengals. He has the BEST personality! He's already been to his first cat show and he did amazing! He's got a really unique ocelot looking pattern and is highly glittered. He loves to run and play and will even do a game of hide and seek with the kids. He's extremely smart too. He learned to play fetch in just about an hour. This boy is also a gentle giant. He never uses his claws when he's playing with us and he does amazing with our 2 year old. The shine and glitter on this boys coat is to die for!!! It almost looks like glass sometimes. His head, tail, and overall structure is outstanding too. Whisker pads and ears are SO important to me. It's something I refuse compromise on with my breeding program. I searched for over a year to find a breeder with similar goals to mine. Someone who was producing cats that I was in awe of.  Then I waited for another 6 months until I saw that perfect kitten from that breeder. The kitten that I knew was the "one" for my program. Sandra Cobos has been breeding bengals even longer than me. Doing business with her was the best experience. She's kind, passionate about her cats, she takes excellent care of them, and spends ridiculous amounts of money on them to make sure they are pampered and have the best of everything. She will be straight up with you if she doesn't think the kitten you're considering is going to work with the cats you already have. This is so important, and a quality you will rarely find among bengal breeders. I'm forever honored and grateful for such an amazing boy from one of the top breeders in the country. 

Saint in the hotel room for his first cat show; practicing for the costume contest. 7 months old

Too see more videos of our awesome bengal cat Saint visit his YouTube Playlist.

Our beautiful bengal boy Saint. All pictures below of him were taken when he was 7 months old. 

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