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Subject: Rec letter

Date: Sun, 23 Oct 2011 14:32:18 



When I first spoke to Melissa, I immediately knew she was a caring, informative, and an intelligent woman. She provided me with all details necessary concerning her Bengal kittens and helped me pick one out based on what color I was looking for.


My first time meeting the kittens, Melissa, and her daughters was truly an enjoyable experience. The kittens were kept in Melissa's house with all the toys one could imagine; also, all the necessities little baby kittens need :)


The kittens are truly socialized, and my baby Bentley is wonderful around my 4-8 year old nieces and nephews. He is truly an amazing member of our little family.


Since Bentley became a member of our family on my birthday, 8/18/11, he has brightened up our life! He loves to play, but he also loves to snuggle. I honestly couldn't imagine life without him now, and no price could match what he's worth and what he means to me.


Melissa has helped me every step of the way with all my questions and concerns. We consistently stay in touch sharing pictures and stories. When purchasing my Bengal kitten, Bentley, I never knew I would be making a long life friend in the process.


Kayla Bourgeois

Hi Melissa,


I wanted to tell you how happy we are with our little Mimi (formerly Adriana). She is an absolute doll. As you know we have recently started a breeding program here in South Florida and in doing so I have spent almost a year doing research before purchasing our kittens who will become our breeding queens and kings. After all my research we found a female from here in Florida, a female coming from France, and a male coming from Montreal. I wanted only the best! When I saw your little girl, and knew her breeding pedigree, I knew she would be a perfect addition to our breeding program and kitty family. If I didn’t have kittens due I would be bringing her as an entry in the Southeast Regional TICA show. She is going to be a beautiful adult and is already a beautiful kitten. A close friend of mine who is a very experienced breeder has seen her and she encouraged me to show her as well. It won’t be this show but she will make it to the show ring in the near future.


Like you, we raise our babies among our family in our home. Mimi joined right in without a second thought. She has a sweet, loving, silly temperament. As for her health, she is in perfect condition. No problems whatsoever. I had a vet appointment this week to bring my pregnant girl in for a checkup and brought Mimi for one of her booster shots. The vet absolutely loved her and she has a clean bill of health. I still can’t believe I drove about 13 hours to come pick her up but every night when she crawls in my lap it makes the driving seem very insignificant.


She is a great addition to our family and we could not be happier. I thank you for allowing us to have such a wonderful little girl and creating such an excellent breeding program.


Best Regards,


Cindy Hoskin


Subject: Reference

Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 12:30:29 


I discovered this "Bengal" breed by watching a show on Animal Planet. I had never seen such a beautiful animal before. I became obsessed with wanting one. After tons of research, I came across Belle Ami Bengals website and begin speaking with Melissa. She was so informative and pleasant to deal with. I could tell in the beginning that she absolutely loves these animals and takes great care of them.


Once everything was set up, we couldn't wait to get our kitten. We fell in love with Anna from the very beginning. We were able to do so because Melissa always sent us videos and updates on how Anna was doing. Needless to say, we were so excited to go and pick her up. When we got there to get her, the environment that Melissa keeps her kittens in was fabulous. You could tell that the kittens feel so at home being inside socializing with the family. This made me feel great because it was the same environment that Anna was going home to.


I have kept in touch with Melissa since we returned home with Anna. She loves to know how Anna is doing and I send photos and videos to her regularly. We plan to get another Bengal from her in the future, and I do not think we would ever deal with anyone else. She is fabulous and so are her cats.


Thank you Melissa for providing us with such a sweet baby!


Mindy Maghupoy

Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012 09:15:15 

Subject: reference!!



Right when i saw the belle ami bengals website i was SOLD. I'm so glad I

went with my instinct on this decision. Melissa helped answer all my MANY

questions. I even went to her beautiful home to meet the kittens. When

me and my boyfriend arrived she asked us to sanitize our hands

being that we would be holding the young kittens. It showed me

she was careful and responsible with them. Which was a good

sign in my eyes :)

My kitten Safari is amazing, smart, and of coarse adorable. When

I first brought him to the vet everyone had to come in there to

meet the pretty kitty and before you knew it he was chasing a

paper ball around with the nurses. (after they already gave

him his shots)! hes is a very sociable kitten.


I have no kids and Safari is our little baby. I also send pics

to Melissa all the time of our baby because I know she appreciates

them. Couldn't have asked for a better breeder :)



Hi Melissa,


She's been a joy to us and our family. Here's my reference below:


We wanted a pretty rosetted girl and also wanted to get her from a reputable cattery that cares about cats and knows how to properly socialize them. Melissa at Belle Ami Bengals was the right choice. Melissa has the kittens interacting with the entire family, including children and we were impressed with how well informed she is, the helpful references on her website and her responsiveness to our inquiries. We live in Minnesota so we were not able to visit the cattery but after several conversations we were convinced that we should get our kitten from Belle Ami. Melissa made all the arrangements and on the long-awaited day we went to the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport to meet our southern belle from Baton Rouge. She has quickly adapted to her new home and loves being with us and greets strangers when they come to visit. She's just 3 months old but has taught us to play 'fetch' with her. When she wants to play she's a real clown but when she is ready to rest, she curls up on our lap and purrs. Melissa was also good about sending pictures and videos of our kitten to us while we waited for her to be old enough to leave her mother and she has also been very responsive to questions we've had since she came to live with us. We highly recommend Bella Bengala whether you live in Louisiana or across country - Melissa will get your kitten to you safe and sound.



Date: Wed, 26 Sept 2012 12:23:12 



hey melissa, i was wanting to tell u that i love Jewels so much. she is so curious about everything. i open the frig she has to look. i open the oven she has to look. she loves to curl up next to me and purr and be loved . she is so great i want to write u a reference. i wouldnt take 10,000 dollars for her. she is so playful full of energy and so affectionate. and when its time to eat she runs to where i keep her food, meows then rubs on my leg and meows til she sees me open her food. her and carrot snuggle together at night. Jewels loves all six dogs but all my grown cats, six of them are scared of her . she loves to chase them around the house. she likes to reararnge my my wat nots on bottom shelves. she also loves snuggling with the pups. i guess they are warm. usually she sneaks into my bed and finds a spot which is difficult. melissa this is the funniest different cat ive ever had. not one particular thing i can name but she is differerent than regular domestic cats. You were so nice and i loved how u cared so much about who your kittens went to. im glad me and chris were chosen. i dont know how carrot would be without jewels. i call them sisters. but i would recommend u to anyone. Jewels likes to watch toilet flush, running bath water, brushing our teeth. shes so great. she has the best personality but out of me and chris, i am her favorite, if she doesnt see me, she meows til i call her name and she comes running. when i have less cats i would love to buy another from u. Jewels loves water. she watches everything. so curious. all i have to do is holler jewels or jewlsy boo and she is there quick, same with carrot. she gives the dogs a run for their money. the youngest pup a chihuahua keeps them playing. If anyone wanted to get a bengal cat, i think you would be the best to buy from. u really care about them. u take good care of them. i will email u some more pics or videos when i download my camera pics to my computer. You will be amazed. I remember my hubby Chris picked her, he did a great job but she really prefers me and he gets jealous. she loves to purr and rub her cheeks on mine, first cat ever i had that falls asleep while rubbing her belly. but carrot must remember being with her mom because to go to sleep she sucks on fuzzy cover and digs while shes doing it. Jewels is non stop. i love her. thank u so much for giving me the opportunity to realize what a great thing it is to have a glitter bengal cat. she is healthy and kinda plump but she loves to eat. thank you again Melissa for a great pet. i will cherish her forever. i do let her on the carport in the fenced area. she likes to roll in the grass but i am out there with her. i hope to get another from u one day. 



Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 18:02:00 




We recently purchased a Bengal kitten from Melissa at Belle Ami Bengal cattery. From the time of reservation until she was old enough to come home with us, Melissa kept us up to date on the kittens growth as well as providing us with photos and videos. We chose our kitten "sight unseen" as we are partial to "runts". When it became apparent that her coat was "different" from her littermates, Melissa was quick to inform us of this, and she immediately researched the "Frosted" bengal. It has been amazing to watch the transformation through pictures and now in person !  When we brought the kitten home, she was very well socialized already so the transition to her new environment went smoothly. We were also given a guideline about Bengal cats and a goodie bag with kitten food and toys. We would gladly use this cattery again.



Date: Tues, 08 Jan 2013 10:15:24

Re: Reference




To Melissa


Princess Satu Merry is the best thing I have done in a while! I love her so very much and she fit into my family from day one! Tons of friends came to meet her and the three, THREE, dogs were not even a threat to her. There was no adjustment time, just pure love at first sniff! Her new friends are Sadie, a chocolate lab 13 years old, a 1 year old pound rescue Stella, my college sons dog, and Annie a boxer I often have over for play dates! She has never been around a kitten before and it was comical. I have great pictures. Melissa, you are a wonderful, compassionate, loving start for the lives you bring into this world. I spent years thinking of this endeavor and spoke to a lot of breeders and I truly picked correctly, thank you for the gift of love into my heart!


Valerie Gagliano


Subject: Re: Reference

Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2013 14:31:09 +0000


Hi Melissa,


Below is my reference :)


I purchased Rex (was named Prancer) from Melissa in late december. I started contacting Melissa months prior to get information from her. She was always professional, informative, and nice to work with about bengals and her cattery. She makes you feel like you are part of the process by sending you pictures, uploading current pictures to Facebook and the website, as well as updating you on the kitten's progress. When it was time to pick up my Rex, she greeted me warmly in her home, visited with me, and sent me home with some food, toys, all his medical records, and kitten care information.  


During the car ride home, Rex only cried twice! Once I got him home he adjusted quickly. He came home litterbox trained and has had no accidents since being home. By day 3 he was already playing with our dog and playing comfortably in all rooms in the home. I think this says a lot to the way that Melissa takes time to socialize and raise her kittens in her home with her family. Rex is a sweetheart and just beautiful. He has a lot of energy but is also very sweet and social. He goes up to guests and sits on their lap in a matter of minutes.


This kitten that I purchased from Melissa was the second bengal I have purchased. The first was from a different breeder and the kitten took about 3-4 weeks to adjust to living in my home. I would recommend Melissa's cattery to anyone who is looking for a bengal that is socialized and healthy before coming to your home. Rex is a joy and I could not be happier with my decision.


Bridget McKinney, New Orleans, LA

Re: Reference‏

Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 09:03:44 -0800

Subject: Re: Reference



Reference letter: I first met Melissa at LS.U. Vet school in Baton Rouge last year where I bring my poodle. I was in the waiting room and she walked in with a couple of her cats. I fell in love with them and have wanted one since. So I decided to get on 

the waiting list this past fall and finally got one, a little male kitten I named Mikko. I cant express enough how much I have enjoyed and loved this little beauty! Im so happy that I decided to buy from Melissa, she was so helpful to me in every way if I needed to know something. I was very impressed with her cattery, I highly recommend her highly!!! ;)



Date: February 7, 2013, 9:27:00 AM CST

To: <>

Subject: RE: Reference


Hi Melissa! Here is my reference below. 


Just want to tell you thank you for all of your time and knowledge regarding the Bengal breed. This helped me make the decision to come to see you 4 hours away. My baby Wynston is doing well and is loved so much by everyone… He loves to snuggle and give me kisses. That was a trait that I really wanted in my kitty and I got it! He does like to get into things though but all boys do, right? :) I’m glad I made the decision on him. 


Since I’m so happy, I’m getting another baby from you. This time I want a little girl. Just waiting to see the babies born and start all over again. Just want to tell you thank you and we will see you again in the coming months to pick up our new baby girl… :)


Rhonda Robinson

Subject: Binx's photo and reference

Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2013 17:22:48 -0500





Our Journey with Binx (was named Bacchus) all started with a photo of a Bengal Cat being put on Facebook. After seeing this beautiful breed we began the research process. We wanted to learn all about the Bengal breed. Within days we knew we wanted to own a Bengal, so we decided to tour a local cattery and we were very disappointed in the environment the kittens were being raised in. We tried asking questions and the breeder didn’t have any answers for us. It really seemed like they were more concerned about themselves instead of the kittens or the homes they would be going to. We knew within a few minutes of being there that the right breeder was the most important research that need to be done. In our research we came across Belle Ami Bengals website and we then liked her Facebook page. Then contacted Melissa by phone, from the first conversation we had with Melissa, we knew that she was the breeder we would choose. Melissa is very kind, caring and very knowledgeable. She opened her home to us once we explained the situation about the other cattery. When we arrived to her home Melissa, Blair, and Bailey made us feel very welcomed. The first thing she did was ask us to sanitize our hands. That showed us how much she truly cared about the health and wellbeing of her kittens. That day we put a deposit to be put on her waiting list. Throughout the process of waiting on Binx to come home, Melissa kept us updated with photos, videos, and emails. Melissa was available to answer all of the many questions we had. When the day finally came for him to come home it was a Blessing to our family. On the car ride home Binx formed a great bond with our children. Binx is a very well socialized kitten. He adjusted quickly to his new home from day 1 he snuggled up on our lap to take a nap. Now he has lots of energy and he loves to play. Binx is amazed by the simplest things like a ball of foil, a ball of paper, ink pens, and straws. He brings so much laughter into our home we can’t say thanks enough for the wonderful job you and your girls have done with Binx. We highly recommend Belle Ami Bengals to anyone who wants to own this amazing breed. We are so pleased with Binx that we will be getting back on Melissa’s waiting list again in a few months. We can’t wait to go through the amazing process again to get our Beautiful girl!  




  Nick, Miranda, Madelyn, and Dane

Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 20:11:58 -0500

Subject: Re: Reference

I saw the Bengal breed for the first time online and I just couldn’t get over their beautiful rosettes and because I am already such a fan of leopard print it was like a dream come true! After researching the breed a little more and loving what I read, I decided that a new kitten was just what my family needed! I found Belle Ami Bengals online and started to follow the website and I also liked the Facebook page. There is so much information available and so many pictures to look at that I found myself constantly on one or the other! Every time I had a question, Melissa took the time to answer me and she never made me feel like she didn’t have time. I don’t know how she does this because she is obviously very busy! Melissa is very honest and shares what is going on, good or bad, making sure that everyone is informed and I think that is respectable. Throughout the entire process, getting on the waiting list, understanding the waiting list, questions, selecting a kitten, pictures, more questions, more pictures, and finally, picking up our new baby was all so easy because Melissa was always one step ahead keeping me informed of what was going to happen next. Even after I was home, I had a few questions and Melissa called me right away to discuss them. I never felt like it was just a sale - she truly cares about the kittens’ well being.


My kitten, Aki (Justice) is perfect, beautiful and so smart! It’s only been a week and she’s already sitting for treats and responding to her name when called! She also loves going outside for walks on the leash. I can’t wait to see what else she will be able to do! Bailey and Blair did a great job with “socializing” her too! She is never scared or jumpy around people. Thanks girls J! 


Melissa, thank you and I wish you and your family the best of luck in the future!


Melissa Lerille


Lafayette, LA

Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 11:11:08 -0600

Subject: Reference :)


I did so much research into the Bengal breed before I decided that it was the cat for me. I then spent months looking for the right breeder. I talked to soo many and there was always something that held me back from going with them. When I stumbled on Belle Ami Bengals page I absolutely loved everything she had to say on her website. After I got in contact with Melissa I knew that she was the breeder I wanted to get my very first Bengal kitten from. She was extremely knowledgeable about the breed and answered all questions that I had. I got put on her waiting list and I thought the wait was going to be killer. It turned out it went by a lot faster than I thought and Melissa made it even better by staying in contact through out and answering my many many questions. I love that she also constantly puts up new pics and videos on her fb page so that you can see your new kitten as it grows before it is ready to come home. I have had my kitten home for a few days now and he is just such a trip! You can definitely tell how very well socialized these kittens are. He hit it off with us right from the start. He walked right in here like he owned the place lol. He is very friendly and outgoing. I will definitely get another kitten from Melissa in the future and would recommend her to anyone who wanted a happy, healthy, well socialized Bengal! 



Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2013 11:16:32 -0700

Subject: A huge thank you



  Sept 12,2013




 Ron and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the help and info you

provided us on Bengals. We couldn't be more smitten with our beautiful Enzo.

 Right off the bat we could see the difference in breeders. You have so much knowledge, 

and understanding of these very special creatures. I think we had an instant liking of each other

and could tell that it was much more than a business to you. We have never had a cat that was so

socialized and trusting of strangers, It was and is truly amazing. As we have been doing rescue for

many years. 

 I am self employed and bring him to work with me, so we spend a lot of time together. He loves

greeting all the new faces that come in and boy do they love him..

 From the moment we picked him up he didn't want to ride in the carrier, we let him out and he

rode most of the way home in my lap or in the front window. Not a sound did he make, he loves

the car. We also just built him an 8 ft tree with all kinds of fun things attached, and that's where he

loves to play with his new family.( three other kitty's)

 This will not be the last time we see each other, Next year Enzo will need a sister.


 Again, Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Ron and Bridgette Venturi

Deep South Oil & Vinegar  

Houma Louisiana

Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 23:17:45 -0500

Subject: Belle ami reference



My search for two bengal kittens started in October of 2012 when we had to put one of our two Gogees Bengals to rest that we had purchased back in 1996. It broke my heart so I went online only to find out that Gene Ducote of Gogees Bengals had retired a year earlier. I figured with it being only a year since Genes retirement that I should be able to locate a breeder that still was using the Gogees bloodline. I did find a couple of breeders with the Gogees bloodline and read every breeder website that I found. Belle Ami Bengals website stood out high above all the rest and I knew right away that I had found where I wanted to purchase my new babies from. Melissa cares so much about all of her babies even after they leave her home. Her two daughters are excellent at socializing the baby kittens and trust me a bengal kitten really benefits from the early socialization that Melissa and her daughters give to them. There are always new pictures and videos of the kittens to look at and it made my day every time I got to see my baby! After sending Melissa an email we got on the waiting list and in May of 2013 we welcomed home our new baby girl and 4 months later our little boy joined us. I'm so happy that we were able to find Belle Ami Bengals and we could not be happier with our little girl and boy. Both of our kittens have excellent personalities and they also get along perfectly with their 17 year old Gogees Bengal brother! 


Thank you so much for our two newest family members Melissa!

Vicki & Mike

Sushi & Matrix

sushi our marble bengal cat
matrix our golden breeder male bengal

Sushi had two adorable brown spotted babies!

Birthday: August 1, 2023

Lucy & Matrix

bengal queen lucy on sofa
bengal cat climbing

Babies have arrived!!! Lucy has 3 beautiful brown spotted babies!

Birthday: August 29, 2023

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