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Snow Bengal Kittens For Sale

snow bengal cat snuggling

Snow bengal kittens are our one of our favorite colors that we specialize in. We breed seal lynx, seal mink, and seal sepia bengal cats and kittens. Our snow bengal cats have large rosettes with high contrast against a gorgeous white or cream background. The cats have a gorgeous pearl iridescent colored glitter all over their coats or pelts that you can see glistening in the light. We have been breeding healthy gorgeous bengal cats for 13 years and counting. Our bengals cats are top quality all from championship bloodlines. 

Examples of beautiful snow bengal kittens we have bred

snow bengal kittens for sale
snow lynx bengal kittens for sale
snow bengal cats for sale

Snow bengal kittens near me-

Shipping Options-

Are you looking for the most beautiful snow bengal kitten near you? Don't let yourself be restricted by only buying a bengal kitten from bengal breeders that are in your area. It's SO important to find the right breeder who's properly socializing the bengal kittens. 


We offer shipping for our snow bengal kittens anywhere to the continental US and Alaska. Ground shipping with a professional pet transportation company, cargo shipping by trusted airlines, in cabin shipping with a flight nanny, or we can meet you with your bengal kitten at the New Orleans airport. If you're looking for a snow bengal kitten for sale we can help you find the perfect one!

What our kittens come with-

  • Our kittens always come with their first two sets of shots. If old enough, they will have had their 3rd set of kitten shots. 

  • A FIVE year health guarantee. 

  • Kittens will be spayed/neutered before they leave, saving you hundreds in vet bills.

  • Kittens are microchipped before they leave our home. All you have to do is register the chip. 

  • Queens & Studs are health screened for HCM and DNA tested negative for PRA, PkDef, FeLV, & FIV. They are also DNA tested for 50 other rare genetic disorders, and tested negative for all parasites.

  • Kittens will receive a complete health evaluation by our vet.

  • Kittens will receive a complete fecal testing by our vet. 

  • One month of free pet insurance. 

  • One month of flea prevention.

  • TICA registration papers.

  • Kittens are wormed 4-6 times before they leave.

  • Kittens are completely litter box trained.

  • Kittens are accustomed to using a scratching post.

  • Extremely detailed bengal kitten care information packet.

  • Leopard boutique style gift bag with lots of toys, coupons, samples, and more information.

  • Their own "mommy and me" blanket that smells like their mom and will comfort them at their new home.

  • Lifetime help and support for any questions or concerns you may have.

  • Bengal kitten contract with health guarantee. 

  • Complete health records with recommended shot schedule.  

  • Guaranteed socialized.

Why snow bengal cats make such wonderful pets-

  • Snow bengal cats look like frosty white ice princesses with mesmerizing blue eyes. 

  • Snow bengal cats have amazingly sweet and outgoing personalities.

  • Snow bengal cats interact with people more like a dog than a cat.

  • Snow bengal cats have gorgeous pattens and sparkle with glitter when the light hits them. 

  • Snow bengal cats love water and will sometimes play in it or even go for a swim. 

  • Snow bengal cats are loyal companions and great snugglers. 

  • Snow bengal cats are extremely smart and can learn tricks and to walk on a leash. 

  • Snow bengal cats are very low shedding and hypoallergenic. 

  • Snow bengal cats are generally a healthy bred of cat and live 15-18 years.

  • Snow bengal cats are perfect for children and get along with dogs and other breeds of cats. 

Snow bengals come in three genetically different colors-

  • Seal Lynx -A very light white cream color. Dark or light seal markings. Blue or grey blue eyes. 

  • Seal Mink - Ivory, cream, light tan color.Various shades of seal mink to dark seal mink markings. Blue green or aqua eyes. 

  • Seal Sepia - Ivory, cream, light tan color. Various shades of seal sepia to dark seal sepia markings. Green or gold eyes. 


Seal Lynx Snow Bengal


Seal Mink Snow Bengal

seal sepia bengal cat

Seal Sepia Snow Bengal

Transformation of a snow mink bengal from a baby to an adult

Snow bengals go through dramatic changes from birth until about a year old. They start going into a fuzzy stage at about 4 weeks old and the spots get harder to see until the fuzz slowly starts to go away. This happens from about 12-16 weeks old. From then on their colors intensify and so does the clarity and contrast. All snow bengal cats are born with blue eyes. If they are a snow lynx bengal cat they will have blue or blue-grey eyes. If they are snow mink bengal cat like the one below they will have aqua eyes or blue green eyes. If they are a snow sepia bengal cat they can have gold or green eyes. The parents of the cat below are Rideau Lake Floki of Belle Ami and Belle Ami Creole Queen. They have produced some gorgeous babies for us! 

male snow mink bengal kitten
male snow mink bengal kitten face
snow mink bengal kitten pattern and color

Pictures taken at 4 weeks old.

snow mink bengal with aqua eyes
close up of snow mink bengals eyes
adult seal mink bengal cat

Pictures taken at 2 years old.

More pictures of our beautiful snow kittens 

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